Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring (sort of) Break

Spring Break could not come quickly enough this year!  I was especially eager for this break because I had so much to look forward to.  Things like choosing flowers, color schemes, and THE DRESS!  Even though I was busy and it didn't feel like much of a break - I am so proud of all of the things we accomplished for the wedding. 


I am so fortunate to have a mom who is not only my mom, but my best friend.  I completely trust her judgement and we have had the best time planning.  I was so happy that Kathy, my fabulous future mom-in-law was able to come to Fort Worth to help hand pick the flowers. 

Our florist is phenomenal!  I showed up with a few pictures of what I had in mind and he helped us pick the perfect petals! 

 This is after our great day of flower shopping!  But do you think we stopped there?  NO WAY!  My mom and I are shameless shoppers and are notorious for literally "shopping 'til we drop", so we completed the must-do for the day, flowers, and moved on to leisurely shopping.  We picked up my sweet future hubby and went to Hobby Lobby to shop for our new patio furniture that I love.  
While at Hobby Lobby, Jay couldn't miss out on an opportunity to take a silly picture. 

Jay and I now have a place to sit outside, drink coffee, listen to our favorite, Dave Matthews, and enjoy our flowers and one another every night.   I made "enjoy our flowers" bold above because it is by the grace of God these flowers have made it and are flourishing!  The pansies I planted in January lived only two weeks.  Needless to say, I wasn't blessed with a green thumb, but I am so thankful these petunias are so resilient and hearty.  We enjoy them tremendously! 

Thank you from both our us to our wonderful mommas and  dads (helping from a distance).  We love you! 

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